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enforcement. i think the testimony today backed that up. not that that there are too many mosques in america. >> sheriff, a little earlier you heard the association that care warns people any need to have a lawyer before they talk to law enforcement. do you feel like that your jurisdictional residents whether they're muslim, jewish, christian, should have to have a lawyer before they talk to you or one of your sheriff deputies to inform you about something they see as being a potential problem? >> no, i don't personally believe they should take that initial step. so to answer your question, no. >> do you believe your sheriff deputies, when out interacting in the communities and doing their community policing and talking with merchants and individuals should, before they talk to them, warn them they have the right to an attorney before they talk to the sheriff's deputy? yes or no? >> if we have a suspicion that they're about to commit a crime, then -- >> then yes? >> there is only so many questions you can have before you have to advise them of their constitutional right. that's one of the ke
is moderate america looking for a solution. i think these hearings or an opportunity for muslims to address at solution. let me be clear and state up front that the u.s. has a significant problem with muslim radicalization. i'm muslim and i realize it's my problem and i need to fix it. that's what i'm trying to do. it's unfortunate that you have some of the best work on radicalization is being done by nonmuslimsike nypd record on radicalization. most muslim groups condemn that report when we should have been doing that report. let me state clearly it is a problem that we can only solve. christians, jews, nonmuslims cannot solve muslim radicalization. yes, there may be other types of violent extremism, but that cannot be solved by nonmuslims. so we can close our eyes and pretend it doesn't exist. we can call everybody a bigot or islamaphobe, but you're not going to solve the problem and the pblem is increasing exponentially. i hope we can get behind this blind concept of violent extremism. radicalization is a continuum. cooperation is a continuum. i personally have never known a muslim that
to viewers about that. i nt with a to quickly remind you about a cnn in america special, the fight over the construction of a mosque in the heart of the bible belt. called unwelcome, the muslims next door. debut sunday march 27th at 8:00 p.m. >>> these are not live pictures, this is from earlier. remember the standoff over the budget repair bill that was going to strip workers of bargaining rights, last night the state senate republicans passed the bill on their own after taking out a few fiscal provisions that required a larger quorum. this is how it's going over. not at all well with union members and teachers and other critics and majority lawmakers. late this morning police moved into lock the capitol down. you can see there seems to be a sit-in of some point. they wanteded to clear the protester out, ahead of the vote front of the final assembly which was supposed to happen an hour ago. the wisconsin bill would let public employees negotiate only their wages, not working condition or anything else that a typical union can negotiate. limit pay raises to the inflation rate unless the
dingell will represent dearborn, the largest arab- american community in america and rep keith ellison, congress's first muslim representative. this is one hour, 45 minutes. . [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] [no audio] [gavel] [no audio] >> the committee on homeland security will come to order. the committee is meeting today to hear testimony on the extent of radicalization in the american-moslem community and investigate the committee response. the chair wishes to remind our guests today that demonstrations from the audience including the use of signs and placards as well as verbal outbursts are a violation of the rules of the house and the chair wishes to thank our guests for their cooperation in maintaining order and proper decorum. in the interest of time, the ranking member and that -- and i have agreed that we have to remember witnesses testifying on panel 1. as a prior consultation, i ask unanimous consent to congressman dingell, congressman ellison, and congressman wolf as member witnesses not to be subject to questions from committe
to be significant in america. often, prejudice has been directed at religions of recent immigrants. in the last entry it was catholics from places like ireland, italy, in lithuania. my mother's country of origin, whose loyalties were questioned. i brought to this hearing a family treasure. 100 years ago in 1911, my grandmother landed in baltimore, maryland, from lithuania. she brought with her my mother, two years old, and my aunt and uncle. and they came down off the boat in baltimore, and somehow found a way to my grandfather in east st. louis element. i have no idea how they made that journey not speaking a word of anguish. there is no physical evidence left of that journey, but this little book. part of it is a catholic prayer book written in lithuania, printed in 1863, which at the time of their immigration was contraband. bazaar had ordered all prayerbooks had to be written in russia. my grandmother who i never knew knew that if she brought his prayer book to america she would have the freedom to use it. and i remember that and it's one of the reasons why this is the first hearing, this f
.d. her performance will be shown on "good morning america" on tuesday, but we have a sneak preview for you. >> reporter: fans lined up at midnight. some even camped out at civic center plaza. >> brittani, you are my -- >> sky 7hd gives you an idea how many people waited to see brittney in the flesh. >> so exciting. san francisco is on fire. >> so excited. >> reporter: once the doors opened, it took 90 minutes to fill the civic auditorium. "good morning america"'s robin roberts were right behind the fans as brittney was getting ready to debut her new c.d. >> not a psychology major but what attracts so many people to brittney spears. >> she is what she is and she has been through the ups and downs and always comes out though upside of it. >> reporter: we're told be can only show her singing one song. we're not allowed to give it all away. if you want to watch the entire concert, got to watch "good morning america" on tuesday. [cheering] >> amazing. cheering cheering >> some thought the pop star was perhaps a little rusty. >> definitely not dancing as much as we would want her to be d
commissioners are doing, all over my state, all over america. we have got to recognize that washington is spending too much, not taxing too little. how can we ask americans to pay more in taxes when washington is not even willing to cut cut $61 billion from our bloated bureaucracy? if i have a proposition from our colleagues who wish to raise taxes before we consider asking the american people to pay another cent in taxes, why don't we first drain every cent of waste from the federal bureaucracy? we will never truly dig ourselves out of this crisis and put this nation on a real path to prosperity unless we bring our spending under control. america's strength is not measured by the size of our government, but the scope of our freedoms and the vigor and vitality of the american people and their willingness to invest and work hard for the future. that's what makes us strong. endless spending, taxing and borrowing is a certain path to decline, and we're on that path today and we must get off it. so we know the threat, we know what we need to do. the economy is trying to rebound. so let's t
america? >> including the united states. that's why i mentioned those mosques. there are mosques in cincinnati and l.a. and new york, all across the country that have been part of saudi investments and their ideology abroad. and in order to counter that we need atrategy to help counter those institutions building those ideas. >> dr. jasser, and all of our witnesses today, thank you so much for being here and, dr. jasser, i applaud you being a bold voice on this subject. thank you. >> thank you. i yield back. >> thank you for yielding. i recognize the gentleman from texas, a former member of this committee, mr. green, good to have you back. >> thank you. it's an honor to be back. mr. chairman, ranking member thompson, i came by today because i love america. i love what america stands for. i love the pledge of allegiance. it means something to me. liberty and justice for all. i love the declaration of independen, all persons created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. i love the constitution, a copy of which i hold in my hand. we the people is what i
with it the right resources by countering that ideology. the narrative says that america is against muslims, it creates this that america is going to iraq, to convert, kill them, attack them. that's the narrative. we can present our strategy so far has been try to break down that propaganda. that's wrong. we need to have a forward strategy of liberty minded freedom minded ideas into the islamic consciousness. we can do that as muslims but we need your help through websites, a social network. look what happened in egypt and tunisia through social networking and that countered a lot, that wasn't islamists that did that. most was secular muslims that wanted to take control of their future. when we have a government that produces a report and after the hassan incident and the word muslim or islam or jihad isn't in the document, you wonder why we are so paralyzed in treating this, i as a muslim i need this conversation. if we're going to fix this cancer that's within, the whole viable wonderful beautiful faith that i practice, we need to be able to talk about it. it's like trying to treat cancer
of dividends to shareholders or investment in the country and than never used in america. >> host: congressman greg walden is chairman of the commerce subcommittee on communication and technology. mike zapler with ""the politico"," thank you both. >> guest: thank you. >> coming up on c-span2, a portion of recent testimony by transportation secretary ray lahood on president obama's 2012 budget request. then more on transportation as we bring you live coverage of the american public transportation association's legislative conference. later, the senate returns at 2 p.m. eastern for general speeches. that'll be followed later by debate and a vote on a u.s. district court nomination as well as a procedural vote on a bill authorizing small business administration programs. >> author, poet and playright ishmael reid is on "in depth," live sunday, april 3rd. he's written over 25 books including "airing dirty laundry laundry," "another day at the front." join our three-hour conversation taking your phone calls, e-mails and tweets for ishmael reed, and watch previous "in depth "programs at w
in "america's newsroom". >>> in the meantime now, the west will end in the dust pin of history, those words from mommar qaddafi, not backing down, making his first public appearance in more than a week, this as allied forces launch new strikes from the west to benghazi in the west and there is this. it has been described to us as a rocket attack, launched by qaddafi's army, captured by cell phone video, and that video foes on for quite a while. it's clear now his forces still on the offensive in so many parts of that country, and that's where we pick up the story this morning, good morning here, i'm bill hemmer live in "america's newsroom" and here we go again. martha: good morning, everybody, i am martha maccallum, great to have you with us. qaddafi's colorful remarks making headlines this morning, he is refusing to back down, with supporters now forming a human shield to protect him at his main compound in the capitol of tripoli. libya's leader, sending this very clear message: >> i'm not afraid to -- of cyclones, i'm not afraid of rains that hover over our heads. i'm standing over here,
>>> good morning, america. and spring's wild weather. snow blankets the northeast this morning. blizzard conditions in the midwest. and tornadoes tear through four states. >>> there's breaking news from japan this morning. nuclear fallout. radiation, now, poisoning tokyo's tap water. officials warning the water supply's unsafe for babies. plus, new images from inside the evacuation zone. the first picture and the story they tell this morning. >>> a miniature train speeding out of control, caught on tape. young children and their parents thrown from the runaway train. this morning, the father of one of the victims speaks out. >>> you might have heard about the backstage blowup. what really happened? robin's interview with chris brown making headlines this morning. what happened when the cameras stopped rolling? the latest, on "gma." >>> and we do say, good morning, america. another quiet day here at "gma." >> dawn of a new day. >> we'll get into the chris brown story in great detail later this morning. let's talk about the weather. >> the weather is always safe. so much warmer h
here in america. king flat out says he doesn't care if it's politically correct. the main witnesses that we're going to see that he's invited are family members of those inspired to get into terrorism. and also an american muslim that will talk about the culture of his community. t.j., last night, eight democrats on this committee wrote king asking him to cancel the hearing, saying it too narrowly singles out the community. listen to eric holder. >> we don't want to stigmatize, we don't want to alienate entire communities. we need to focus on individuals or groups of individuals, who might band together and who would try to harm american interests or american citizens. that is what this justice department is doing. >> now, i spoke with congressman king last night, he insists he does not want to demonize the muslim-american community. he also said, look if my job is to look for radicalization from al qaeda, where else am i going to look? one of the issues that king says drives him a report that he gets from his friends and law enforcement community at home in new york and around the
. the house homeland security committee will look at the impact the jihad is having in america. many on the left are appalled calling com king joseph mccarthy and demonizing people who favor the hearings. writing in the "new york times" today american university professor akbar ahmed says he has researched the attitudes of muslim americans and has found a great amount of fear, quote: adding to their sense of being unfairly singled out were commentators in the news media talking as if it were open season on muslims. bill o'reilly compared the koran to hitler's mein kampf unquote. the professor's statement is totally misleading out of context. we criticized the university of north carolina's professor who. ed to require, require incoming freshman who read a book explaining the koran. in the body of that discussion i said this: >> i wouldn't read the book and i will tell you why i wouldn't have read mein kampf. if i were going to the university and you would have said read it, i would have said professor with all due respect shove it. i'm not reading it i have looked at the koran. i hav
. more than 20 years ago, his father left a steamboat for america. he served as a public servant for washington state. a century later, his grandson will return to china as america's top diplomat. in the years between these milestones, he has distinguished himself as one of our nation's most respected and admired public servants. as their country's first chinese-american governor, he worked tirelessly to attract jobs and businesses to washington state and he doubled exports to china. two years ago, i asked him to continue this work as commerce secretary. i wanted him to advocate for america's businesses and american exports all around the world. to make progress with our relationship in john and use the management skills he developed as governor to reform a complex and sprawling agency. he has done all of that and more. he has been a point person for my national export initiative. last year, his department led a historic number of trade missions that helped promote american businesses and support american jobs. he has ever seen an increase in american exports and, particularly, e
'll see top to bottom coverage right here on cnn. i also want to draw your attention to a cnn in america special, "unwelcome: the muslims next door." soledad o'brien chronicles the dramatic fight over the building of a mosque in the heart of the bible belt. her special report airs sunday, march 27th at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. >>> on to other stories now, starting with the libyan civil war. pro-government troops appear to have taken on bin jawad. medical sources tell cnn at least five people were killed there yesterday. and air strike today targeted the main road into ras lanuf. an oil town that remains in the control of the opposition. in fact, many of the pipes, the pipelines in libya, lead to ras lanuf and shipped out. opposition forces responded with anti-aircraft fire. witnesses tell cnn that opposition forces also remain in control of misrata. seeing it here. a doctor says at least 42 people were killed there on sunday. >>> a supreme court ruling announced today gives a texas death row inmate another chance to prove his innocence. in a 6-3 decision, the court ruled that dna e
>>> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. good morning. it is saturday, march 19th. this morning, breaking news. are these new pictures proof that moammar gadhafi is defying america? just hours after president obama told gadhafi to back down or face military actions. the rebels say gadhafi continues to attack. in fact, they say they just shot down one of his war planes. >>> state of emergency. frightening news from japan this morning. reports that their milk and food supply is now contaminated with radiation. and this morning, reports that the workers at the crippled nuclear plant in japan, are trying to start the cooling pumps to prevent a meltdown. >>> strange twist. police uncover what they say was a murder plot at this upscale yoga clothing store, in a posh washington, d.c. suburb. did this woman, murder her co-worker and then bind and gag herself so that she could claim to be a victim? >>> and hacked. who is hacking into celebrities' e-mail accounts? and leaking embarrassing photos and information? more than 50 stars have been hit so
about tightening the belt, but nobody talks about the companies in america tightening their belts. if we went back to a flat tax, no tax break, no tax shelters, everyone pays 10%, that would help our economy, the american families, and it would let big business pay what they should pay. guest: here is one of the big issues we are dealing with that. people at oil companies are making a lot of money. we are dealing with a major energy crunch right now. people can look at oil companies and say, they have record profits and we have record high prices. the fact is, we are dealing with record high prices in oil. if we could add energy from our own country, we could manage that and it would be different. fluctuations from overseas would not still be occurring, at this point. people also talk about oil companies getting tax breaks. it is that ability to write off their business expenses. it is the same as other companies. people say that they are larger and these small companies, but they are, they are larger businesses. people want to pick on that. what would they do if they pulled that out? th
. we are live there and more details in st. louis in a matter of moments in "america's newsroom". >>> in the meantime here's a story affecting every american, new reaction now to a stunning admission on capitol hill, the obama administration apparently admitting it's double-counting savings under the new health care law. here's the exchange from kathleen sebelius and congressman john shimkus. >> it has 12 years in the medicare trust fund according to the actuary and the $5 billion represents the slowdown in the rate of health care from what was projected to 8 percent. >> i'm sorry, is it medicare, is it using it to save medicare or using it to fund health care reform? which one? >> both. >> i yield back my time. bill: did you study accounting? >> martha: no, sir! bill: i have a calculating, though. good morning, everybody. i'm pweupl hemmer, nice to see you martha. martha: good to see you. good morning, bill, good morning, everybody. you heard that right, you saw that exchange, the white house accused of using fuzzy math to show the health care bill will ultimately save taxpayer
>>> good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, march 4th. and this morning, president obama comes out swinging. saying, it's time for gadhafi to go. will american pressure keep oil prices in check? and do new jobs numbers point to a real bounce for our economy? >>> the sex scandal and the star college basketball player. this morning, school officials speak out about the policy spotlight just before march madness. >>> and meet the miracle puppy, wall-e, the wonder puppy. the pound tried to kill him twice, but he just wouldn't die. now, everyone wants him and he joins us live this morning. >>> a big night for little lady gaga. you heard her here first. we were on stage with her when she met her idol. the duet that will give you goosebumps. ♪ i was born this way >>> goosebumps is right. that was something. maria aragon. you met her here last week. and last night in toronto, she sang with lady gaga. she danced. and made lady gaga cry one more time. thousands of people there. didn't phase her one bit. >> she held her own. we're looking for
-care professionals on the safety and benefits of our medicine. this woman is with pharmaceutical research of america. >> it is helpful to learn firsthand from someone who is viewed as a leading researcher who happens to also be a practicing physician. >> but all this money can pressure some doctors to promote more costly medications that benefit drug companies. >> patients cannot be assured the prescription written for them is the most effective that is a really big problem. >> what we have is 80% at every prescription written for generic medication. >> in 2013 all drug companies will work -- will be required to report this information. we reached out to several local doctors near the top of this list and none of them would talk with us on camera. if you would like to see if your doctor is on this list go to >>> now to the latest in a crisis in libya. the senate approved a resolution calling for the resignation of muammar gaddafi. senators unanimously passed the measure that also called on the un security council to impose a no-fly zone over libya. robert gates says any military action in l
on radical islam in america. the house homeland security committee will listen to testimony. congressman peter king will lead the way. he wants to know more about how muslims in the u.s. are being turned into dangerous radicals. critics say he is unfairly singling out an entire community. we are covering the angles. you can believe it. you will definitely believe it. senior congressional correspondent dana bash has talked with king about why he thinks these hearings are needed and why he won't cave into his critics and one thing you definitely will hear. dana, this isn't the first time the hearings on radicalization hearings have happened since 9/11. explain why this hearing has gotten so much controversy this time around. >> reporter: you're exactly right, kate. on the senate side of the capitol. joe lieberman held half a dozen at least hearings. but he approached it in a different way. he called them things like looking at violent islamist extremism. different tone and different tenor that pete king is setting in calling his hearings looking at radicalization of muslims in america. tho
seem to realize that there will be no quick or meaningful intervention from america or the international community. and they are attacking opposition cities with impunity. the question tonight -- is it too late to stop gadhafi's violent attack on his own people? first, our regulars, e.d. hill and will cain. >> it was amazing to see the wisconsin state capitol on lockdown last night like a prison. police clearing angry protesters from the building. something seems to be completely lost -- i think it's important to know that collective bargaining is not a right, it's a privilege. >> and i've been looking at congressman king's hearings on the extent of radicalization in the american community. and i looked at statistics on the department of justice web site and saw this over 400 convictions for terrorist acts prosecuted since september 11. the vast majority related in some way to islamic terrorism. and i think we've got to talk about this. >> all right. amazing amount of stuff going on. a lot to talk about. first to the latest on libya. i want you to hear what one of ou
's what the japanese said a week ago. >> everyone is looking at this, not only here in america, but in europe and germany, they have suspended their plans. >> where they had problems in the past, too. exactly right. grace, thank you for that. 35% of jay opinion's electricity comes from nuclear plants. to understand what went wrong there, you have to understand a little bit about how reactors work. inside a massive concrete retainment dome are reak torse full of uranium. that heats rods through a process called fission. water is circulated through the rods, it's heated, and it creates steam, which powers turbines. water must be kept circulating around those rods and in japan, power failures are keeping that from going on. : meanwhile, many communities in japan haven't begun to dug out from the devastation. harry smith shows us that some towns and cities are unrecognizable. >> with the force and fury, the tsunami flattened what was there. once a picturesque fishing haven, there is little left that resembles its path. now there is only ruins. >> you went down to look if. >> th
appreciate your insight. >>> we'll try to get into the minds of republican hopefuls. somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >>> joining me now to talk presidential politics, two men who have had firsthand experience on the campaign trail. republican lamar alexander ran for his party's nomination twice in the 1996 and 2000 election. and bill richards was presidential candidate in 20 08. i don't know if that seemed like a long time ago or short time ago, but i know you remember it well. so, let me ask you first, when you look at just the general state of play in the presidential field, we're looking at a president likely to not have any serious -- any serious competition in the primaries and then a wide open republican f
call the duck. it said, america now up for grabs, and it was referring to this concert that the rolling stones had in december of 1969. and this was supposed to have been a triumphant affair. they appeared with carlos santana and the jefferson airplane, and they had a hard time sort of finding a venue for this show at the last minute, so they did it at altamont speedway. and it turned out to be a disaster. thousands of people sort of clamored on top of each other to get close to the stage. someone had the bright idea of hiring the hell's angels motorcycle gang to do security, and they paid them, allegedly, with a truckload of beer. it was a really violent scene, so the hell's angels were brutalizing and beating up spectators and probably would have been less violent if rolling stones had played a little earlier. the concert was being filmed for a documentary called "give me shelter," which you probably are familiar with. anyhow, mick jagger was reluctant to play until it was dark because he thought it he wd look better under the stage lights. it was just a violent, ugly scene, and the r
'm bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". and welcome back to you. had a couple of days off? martha: good to be back, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. you know the story, they went awol, now they're trying to avoid that vote on the union bargaining bill in wisconsin, you've got the 14 democrats, the folks who high tailed it out of the state, they say you know what, we're staying put, governor scott walker also not budging on this, so that could mean we're going to start to see those layoffs for 13 public unions in the state of wisconsin. bill: where are we now? mike tobin in padson, where are we? reporter we've been down in road a few times stating last wednesday. sometimes it comes from a republican source, sometimes from a democrat source, saying the deal is eminent, the senate democrats are coming across the border and the vote itself is eminent. the latest we get is a resounding no from senator erchenbact, but a resounding no, no deal, no end in sight, bill. bill: are the protestors still there or are they sleeping in? >> reporter: we saw the protestors over the weekend. it stao
a member of a religion. >> bill: the controversial hearings on muslim jihad in america now underway. we will talk with one of the first witnesses congressman keith ellisson. also tonight, laura ingraham not pleased that jeb bush appeared with president obama and megyn kelly on whether it's legal for the u.s.a. to help the libyan rebels. caution, you are about to enter the the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. governor walker wins in wisconsin. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night the wisconsin state senate voted to limit the bargaining power of the public unions in that state. they did this using a procedure that allowed the vote, despite the absence of democratic senators who fled the state to avoid the union vote. almost immediately some of those senators said the vote last night was undemocratic. is that hypocrisy? you make the call. anyway, the wisconsin public unions are now diminished and there is mayhem in madison. [shouting] [chanting. [let us in. ♪ solidarity fore
to america. you agree with me, dr., do you not? >> yes, sir. >> every sit down i have had, we have discussed this with the fbi about my own district. newome from paterson, jersey. we had the second-largest muslim community in the country. i grew up in the neighborhood. arabic neighborhood. eight more air big food and an italian food. that does not make me no more -- eight more arabic food than the italian food. that does not make me anymore an expert. every time i sat down with the fbi about my own district, i was told many times that there is no hidden agenda and that you need not fear the recruiting that we are talking about today in this hearing. does that mean every district in the country -- does that mean chairman king's district? i do not know. some very bad people came out of some mosques and some very bad people came out of catholic churches. we have to do everything we can to avoid a wide crushed. that gets us nowhere. we cannot defend our own children and neighborhoods if we had bad information. why should we be surprised? we know our enemies are probing the system every day. they
mechanisms to make america more secure. i started, michael followed, secretary napolitano star to do all the budgeting, and they are trying to make a more efficient organization. if they are more efficient internally, you can be more effective at sterling. the challenging that the agency still has, which we have different opinions as to what the risk is the day, although the that has evolved as appeared remember the profile of the terrorist as we knew it right after 9/11, males, arabian peninsula, 18 to 35. that has changed, and we understand that. the biggest challenge the agency still has and i remind everybody every chance we get, the agency is a consumer of information. it does not generate intelligence. all three of us have said everybody has a role to play in homeland security, everyone, all the citizens, but the ec can only act based on the information it is given, and i think eight years later, one of the big challenges is making sure that the department of homeland security has enough information so they can share with our partners, private or public. from my perspective, it is
. >> they are -- they are -- white middle america gun toting is scary. seriously. >> now, as we mentioned, o'keefe has done this before. a.c.o.r.n. and planned parenthood among those targets. who can forget him posing as a pimp looking for advice from a.c.o.r.n.'s baltimore chapter. same guy. a.c.o.r.n. lost public funding as a result of that. o'keefe was then arrested for tampering with democratic senator mary landrieu's phones. he and accomplices posed as telephone repairmen to get into her office. >>> with npr the man in the tape you just saw has resigned and word today that the ceo has also stepped down. house majority leader eric cantor issued this statement. quote, this video clearly highlights the fact that public broadcasting does not need taxpayer funding to thrive. let's bring in our company d.c. bureau chief for comcast and senior political writer from the daily beast. thank you both for stopping by. let's address what eric cantor said. start with you, robert. >> i can't say this but npr does give them the ammunition for eric cantor to say this. in the era of austerity you have to look at everyt
for an alleged and erroneous connection to demand action -- to domestic terrorism. this is what america sometimes does when faced with crisis and fear. john adams sought and got the alien act. thousands were arrested for anti-war abuse during the world war roman one era. the japanese americans were tossed into internment camps. senator mccarthy met his downfall. he met his downfall when they said "had you know sense of decency -- have you no sense of decency?" focusing on the entire american muslim community to reduce terrorism is bad law enforcement and based on erroneous facts and flawed policies and theories. there is a basic distinction between belief systems and violent or criminal actions. political moderates are required to full protection. they said that extremism is no vice. they have radical extreme beliefs. we can all hold such a release of out this. these are pretty good subjects. the belief systems are not. they have a missed opportunity to find the similarities among all of those that commit acts of violence. there is more in common with a tax protester that flew a plane into the ir
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about 24 hours, congress looks into radical islam right here in america. . >> i would say the overwhelming majority of muslims are outstanding patriots. obviously, there's a very small percentage have allied themselves with al qaeda. >> some people say the hearings are more like a witchhunt and put islam itself on trial. we will talk to a man who found that mosques make muslims good americans. george: hello mr. gec! linda: so, we're such huge fans - george: of yours...and would be really honored... linda: ...if you would marry us. me? linda: yea! you just seem so - george: british - sounding. i'm not really qualified to speak on matters of the heart. look i'll tell you this: when you insure more than one car geico you could save even more with our multi-car discount. i now pronounce you...thrifty! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, th
cover story, yes, america is in decline. there it is. i know within that you had some pretty telling statistics. you're also hosting this prime-time special sunday, "restoring the american dream getting back to number one," how do we do that? >> well, the first thing to realize is we're not number one in lots of categories. we're 23rd in infrastructure, 79th in elementary school enrollment around the world. our 15-year-olds come 15th or 24th in science and math depending on which tests you look at. i think we really have to focus on two things. one, we've got to spend a lot more money, time, energy investing in future growth for the country. that meansed education. that means science. that means technology. so, you know, that's one piece of it, which is we can't look at the budget and just say, well, everything has to be cut. we have to cut the parts of it that are consumption, that are waste, that is social security, the military, those are not areas which are going to create future growth. education, science, infrastructure is. the second part is, we've got to focus on young people
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, as american-muslims welcome real dialogue and real debate about radicalization in america in general or islam in america in general. but tying radicalization with islam, i think, sends the wrong message. we also have concerns about congressman king himself because he has made several anti-islamic statements in the past, including a statement he made several years ago that there are too many mosques in america. so if congressman king was interested in real dialogue in a real debate, he should have invited the leaders and the representatives of the american-muslim community, not people who do not represent anybody except themselves. >> the president of the center for study of islam and democracy. we want to listen in to congressman peter king, who is speaking with reporters. >> i think the doctor, mr. bledsoe provided such an insight into the muslim-american community, the challenges that that community faces and in many ways how the worst victims, those who are worst victimized by the radicalization of the muslim-american community, by al qaeda, are the muslim-americans themselves especially i
against president obama. tim pawlenty said for the leader of the free world the united states of america, it is not appropriate to be sitting on the sidelines and watching history unfold without exerting some leadership. sarah palin had the obvious criticism as well. was this the type of speech that >>uld change minds? ng minds. but when you look at what is being deployed, the rhetoric coming out of the president's own mouth doesn't matter what's happening in air around libya. the amount of pressure that there is, the amount of diplomatic leadership there is from america suggests that america is taking aleadership position, no matter what the president says. >>> in libya, rebels are losing ground in what's being called the fearest fighting in the conflict so far. rebels battling to gain control of gadhafi's hometown of sirte. joining us live from benghazi, nbc news chief foreign correspondent, richard engel. the. >> reporter: rebels haven't been -- they haven't been battling so much as they have been retreating. about the rebels advanced very quickly earlier this week, over the weekend.
of the npr foundation, in part because of these comments. >> middle america, gun toting, they're scary, and furious. >> reporter: schiller, referring to the tea party, thought he was meeting with potential million dollar donors to npr but the man behind this undercover camera is really a conservative activist. >> the current republican party, in particular the tea party, is fanatically involved in people's personal lives. liberals today might be more educated and balanced. >> npr's ceo, vivian schiller, not related to ron schiller, is also out. npr's board of directors said it was appalled by the comments and say the resignations come on top of what has been a traumatic period for npr. you'll remember last year when analyst ron williams was fired for talking about his personal concerns over traveling on planes with muslims. also on the video, ron schiller said npr could be more independent without the 90 million in taxpayer dollars they receive each year, which is 10% of their total funding. >> it's very clear that we would be better off in the long run without federal funding. >> repo
's just think about the kkk, america's oldest terrorist organization. the oklahoma city bombing. the shooting at the holocaust museum by james von braun and bombings at parenthood clinics. did congress focus on these agents as a matter of public policy? no. stoking fears about an entire group for political agenda is not new in american history. during world war ii, the united states government interred the japanese-americans and spied on german americans. during john f. kennedy's presidential campaign, his opponents portrayed a dire future for an america with a catholic president. we now view these events of our past as a breach of our treasured american values. let's talk about facts rather than stereotypes. in fact, the muslim-american community rejects violent ideology. the rand corporation and highly respected research organization released a report last year that states the following -- give an low rate of would-be violent extremists, about 100 amongst the estimated 300 million american muslims, suggests that the american muslim population remains hostile to jihadist idsolo
6% this past year. does it really help consumerism in america? and does it churn the economy very quickly? it certainly is good for us in the long run. >> an extension of our conversation with suze orman yesterday who is writing about that. >> no doubt about it. first, obviously, the big news out of japan. we why don't we get the latest. >> we are talking about the fifth strongest earthquake on record since 1900. hawaii and other parts of the pacific are bracing for a destructive tsunami triggered by an 8.9 earthquake out of japan. it shows a massive 23-foot wall of watter that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris inland. 32 people have now died in the quake. a figure that is expected to rise. a tsunami warning is now in place for the entire u.s. west coast. that means coastal communities in washington, oregon, california and southern alaska should be on alert and prepared for possible evacuation. a warning is also in place for hawaii, which was struck by a smaller 4.5 earthquake earlier today. now, there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage in hawaii but the
said in this article. so i apologize for putting on my glasses, but you said, "america has been infiltrated on all levels by radicals who wish to harm america. they have infiltrated us at the cia, at the fbi, at the pentagon, at the state department. they're being radicalized in radical mosques, in our cities and communities within the united states." first, i've just got to ask you because i read this and it harkened back to the worst form of mccarthyism of the 1950s, who are these people? where are the names and what proof do you have that there are people who are radicals trying to undo our society in these institutions of government? >> well, i was talking about the muslim brotherhood project which has been presented as evidence in the holy land foundation trial in 2007 in texas, which is the largest ever terrorism trial taken by the united states government. and terrorism financing, where 108 guilty verdicts were handed down. in that trial, a project written by the muslim brotherhood, a 100-year plan for radical islam to infiltrate and dominate the west, was presented. the
tomorrow is going to begin hearings looking into muslims in america. he says he's trying to find fanatics, trying to root out terrorism, but he has stirred a lot of people up. while he admits he's obsessed with 9/11 and while he runs the house homeland security committee, tonight he is defending himself and his own past association with a terrorist organization of another kind in another time. nbc news capital windchill correspondent kelly o'donnell has our report, starts us off tonight. kelly, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. king says there has been a vicious overreaction to what he plans to do at tomorrow's hearing. he says the public needs to know how big a problem it is that a small number of american muslims are being turne against the u.s. he's under pressure and having to answer for his own past ties to a controversial and even violent group. known for being accessible and media friendly during 18 years in congress, tonight peter king says he's caught by surprise. >> i'm not overly modest or shy but i really do not expect to become the center of attention on this. >
to court demanding that the nuclear regulatory commission provide a permanent place to store america's waste. there are 104 operating reactors, they're scattered across 65 plants in 31 different states. if you take a look at this map, this gives you a better idea of exactly where this 63 thousand tons of spent fuel, the darker the color of the state, the more radioactive waste that state has, according to the nrc. again, we're talking about 63,000 tons of spent fuel. if you take a look, with the telestrator working, illinois is the state with most, 776 tons. coming in second place is pennsylvania. as we know, pennsylvania, the site of three mile island, the nuclear site that had zadisaste back in the late '80s. and 3,700 tons of spent fuel. pretty much a tie with north carolina and south carolina here. let me show you a map quickly that illustrates what we're talking about when we say spent fuel. these are the spent fuel pools. they're steel-lined concrete pools filled with water like this one. similar to the ones we talked about at japan's fukushima plant that overheated which allow
official says this has become a war on america's soil. plus, constructing the world trade center in a virtual world. >> they negotiate. go up and down. i'm in your space and they are in my space. >> shepard: like putting together the world's most complicated puzzle. why the rise of freedom is going high tech. >> shepard: the pentagon confirms tonight it does have evidence that the libyan government has been using air power against opposition forces. and the libyan government does not deny it. but in an interview with our sister network sky news in great britain, qaddafi's son insisted the attacks were not intended to kill anybody. >> so you are dropping a bomb on the militia. that's what you are saying? >> first of all, the bomb is just to frighten them to go away. [gunfire] >> shepard: just to frighten them to go away. we are told this is amateur video of a fire fight near a major oil installation in the city of brega, where libyan forces or i should say libyan bombs fell. that's where qaddafi's son says government bombings were just meant to frighten people. opposition forces s
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